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Wind Damage

High winds are a fact of life for many property owners. With recorded wind speeds reaching upwards of 300 MPH, the damage done by severe windstorms, wind-driven hail, flying debris and tornado damage results in billions of dollars in damage every year.


To prepare your home for high winds, it is always a good idea to trim back tree branches away from the roof and large windows, as fallen limbs and broken tree branches can do a substantial amount of damage to your roof, windows and exterior.


If a tornado or windstorm is approaching, make sure to secure storm shutters over panes of exposed glass, or use pieces of pre-measured, pre-cut plywood to protect windows. Since most wind damage is done by flying objects, bring in outdoor furniture, toys, pots and gardening tools. Shut your garage door and make sure doors and windows are secured. For updates on wind conditions, tune in to local TV or radio.


In a severe windstorm there are 5 factors that determine storm damage:

  1. Wind Speed
  2. Wind Direction
  3. Wind Duration
  4. Flying Debris
  5. Strength of the Structure
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